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κριβ first came online on 02-March-2001, “at like almost 8PM“. we’re still here – can you believe it’s been that long? it took a while to revive this thing back up; as part of the new website, here are some things that are no longer of immediate interest:

  • taking over the world
  • keying κ into furniture, walls, doors, etc.
  • no longer vandalizing pledge paddles, simply because there are none of those around.

some things that are of immediate interest:

  • figure out WordPress
  • figure out how to write in Markdown
  • start writing more
  • learn more about technology and some new skills
  • learn how to publish with my iPad
    • that didn’t go too far, the iPad died completely
  • revive some of the stuff that was posted on original krib.org all those years ago
  • eventually figure out how to take over the world.

if you’d like to contribute something to here or just want to shoot the shit in general you can send me an email.

also, κριβ wouldn’t be κριβ if i didn’t re-state that this domain/name is always for sale, i’ll eat the inflation costs from 2004 and will retain the same original asking price:

$254,000,000.00  cash price

+ 3% fee is paid by credit card through PayPal

you may contact me at the the same email as above.