back in the day, probably at huskies, we’d talk about how we’re going to ball when we won the powerball.  my idea of ballin’ was that i’d hire a midget small person, or perhaps a well trained monkey, to always follow me around and carry a cigarette for me — i think the cool kids called it a ‘loosie’.  when i was rich i shan’t be bothered to carry one behind my ear, like a pleb. 

seeing the picture above, yesterday, i realized how naive, ignorant and small minded i was 20 years ago: no wonder i’m not the president of the united states today — never mind the whole not being born on the u.s. soil technicality.  

true leaders, doers, go-getters — generally your ballers — think and do big things.  instead of thinking small about someone to carry a loosie for him, president trump has staff carry a sharpie for him so he can annotate his thoughts in gigantic letters on a pad that he took off air force one.  you smoke a loosie, get a head rush for 15 seconds, and you’re right back to where you started.  you carry a sharpie and you can walk around writing on shit. you can vandalize things, but you can also write extremely powerful, and easy to forget, words like ” I WANT NOTHING” , or “QUID PRO QUO”.  

back in the day we had a small sized magic marker that we’d write K on random shit with.  people would get extremely upset about these acts of note taking and marking things we wished to recall later.  we always took no for an answer and apologized for the K, and albeit it could not be removed due to its permanent nature, we always promised to never do that again.  we were growing up to be failures, even though we didn’t realize it then. 

true leaders never take a no for an answer, never apologize and most importantly — carry the largest sharpie you can find to write your shit with.

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