I wanted to have a blog for a very long time. I would randomly buy a domain like “mplsfoodguy” or “weliveinmpls” with an idea that I would carve out a niche and make an on-line presence dedicated to it. And I would always fail.

It would work for a little bit, the newness of it, but eventually my brain would start to wonder to some other topic and I’d lose the interest in whatever the original thought was.

I would also make up an excuse in my mind about why I can’t just start to write – the writing program that I was using wasn’t cool enough, the website layout wasn’t as clean looking as someone else’s, etc., etc. Eventually I started to realize the silliness of it all. So here I am, trying to write something, anything, just to go through the process of writing, keys on the keyboard, writing down whatever my mind will decide to spew out today.

Well, not really today, today is just the exercise of starting this, tomorrow the real ideas will flow…

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