VSCO & iOS 14 Privacy Issues


as part of iOS14 update, apple has intrtoduced some very novel privacy protections for the users, one of them being discete selection of photos that you share with the app; specifically apple calls this “Limited Photos library access”.

inside of the privacy settings, here’s what the language looks like for apps that require these permissions:

up until now, any photo app, or any app through which you’ve shared photos would simply ask you to allow them “theoretical” acess to your photos — meanining that yes, of course the app will need access to your photos, but that it will actually only get access to the one specific photo that you’re sharing, or editing etc.

with iOS 14 privacy initiative, the interesting language now sheds some light what the apps actually have access to: access to photos includes associated metadata such as location…

so what?

well, i suppose the idea here is that even though you’re not really sharing photos throuh the app, somewhere, somehow in the background all these apps scrape this metadata of your locations (assuming you tag your photos with gps location, i do), combine then with identifies from your phone and either the app’s owner or whomever their 3rd party partner would be have a comprehensive view into your real life.

creepy VSCO

i thought perhaps i was overreacting because when i originally encountered this was two days ago and VSCO at that time was on a “week old” update, yet today (21-Sept-2020) the newest version, 183, exhibits the same identical behavior.

downloading the latest app, starting up and selecting only my chosen photos one quickly runs into the following issue:

they seem to be saying that it’s simply a matter of convenience – but in fact, when you don’t have this full permission, even though you can still individually import a photo and edit it, when it comes to saving it here’s the error that you actually get:

hmm, i thought i was smarter than that, so i cancelled out of the saving option and actually tried to export it, and at that point the app just completely paralyzed itself and sat indefinitely in this status:

what now?

  • delete the app
  • write a 1 star review
  • write a blog that no one will read
  • use alternate apps that edit your photos without having this user hostile take with regards to what they’re entitled to.


i had more vivid, longer and fucked up dreams in the last three days then I did in the past 3 years.

there’s nina simone playing in the cafe right now — sinnerman — from the pastel blues album.  funny i was listening to nina simone when i started walking this way.  i started at La Defense and chugged my way for two hours towards the Dali Museum — which ended up being not a museum but some shitty tourist trap of a gallery selling lithographs.  it started raining, so before heading to D’Orsay i stopped by the cafe right next door for a coffee and a gigantic 1664 beer and thought i’d write down a note no here.

anyways, back to the dreams.  i forgot the last time i had them, until now.  perhaps they’re so vivid because it feels like a shock having them. i feel like for the past 3 days i actually slept, where’s at home i sleep just to cram some rest before one of the kids randomly wakes up at 2AM and climbs into bed with us, which is usually the best scenario.

do you sleep to survive or to rest?  the last 3 days were the rest sleep type, at home it’s a sleep to survive from one day to another.  i don’t think my brain fully gets to disconnect at home for me to actually sleep and dream and process whatever the fuck it needs to process, like it happened here.  dreams i suppose are like glitches in the matrix, your brain tries to work through something on whatever you’re stuck on.

i remember 2 of the 3 day’s dreams, i know i dreamed all 3 but for the life i don’t remember what the middle day was.

first day was a dream about me getting fired, third dream was about teh aprartment we lived in on winship street in hartford.


She’s my little bear. I never really used to think about having kids, never mind two and never mind a girl. Kids annoyed me, they were loud, irrational, hyperactive little things that would get under your feet to trip you up, literally and figuratively.

She gives the best hugs, she has the best smile, she’s extremely sensitive and she also has the most incredible tantrums. People would tell me about terrible twos and then someone mentioned terrible threes. We’re somewhere in-between right now, not that it’s a consolation. They come and go, but when they come — shit do they stay around.

Today was supposed to be an easy day. I have the day off, and even though she has day care today I was going to keep her home with her brother. Even though we seemed to get through the morning OK, once it came time to get dressed and go out for brunch things didn’t turn out so well. 

I’m not sure if it was the act of taking off her pajamas, her sleeping socks or not putting the correct shirt on that upset her so much. But once she did get upset there was no stopping her. It was hysteria, the kind of hysteria that paralyzes a parent, one that slaps you in the face with a reality of life. “You think things are going well? Is this easy? Too much of a good time… here… deal with this!

I didn’t know what to do, I tried calming her, I yelled in frustration, I tried distracting her. I showed her toys, packed her pajamas, socks and a stuffed animal into the bag to tell her we can take the with us. I threatened that Santa is going to come back and take his gifts away — this probably didn’t register at all — I tried giving her hugs and holding her. Nothing… but Screams…  

I quit, I gave up, I drove her to the daycare. I ran through justifications in my head: “I’m paying for it today anyways”, “She won’t take a nap and I have a bunch of errands to do”, “It’ll be good for her to hang out with her friends”, “It’s just temporary, I’ll pick her up right after he nap”, “I just need a little break”…


I wanted to have a blog for a very long time. I would randomly buy a domain like “mplsfoodguy” or “weliveinmpls” with an idea that I would carve out a niche and make an on-line presence dedicated to it. And I would always fail.

It would work for a little bit, the newness of it, but eventually my brain would start to wonder to some other topic and I’d lose the interest in whatever the original thought was.

I would also make up an excuse in my mind about why I can’t just start to write – the writing program that I was using wasn’t cool enough, the website layout wasn’t as clean looking as someone else’s, etc., etc. Eventually I started to realize the silliness of it all. So here I am, trying to write something, anything, just to go through the process of writing, keys on the keyboard, writing down whatever my mind will decide to spew out today.

Well, not really today, today is just the exercise of starting this, tomorrow the real ideas will flow…


back in the day, probably at huskies, we’d talk about how we’re going to ball when we won the powerball.  my idea of ballin’ was that i’d hire a midget small person, or perhaps a well trained monkey, to always follow me around and carry a cigarette for me — i think the cool kids called it a ‘loosie’.  when i was rich i shan’t be bothered to carry one behind my ear, like a pleb. 

seeing the picture above, yesterday, i realized how naive, ignorant and small minded i was 20 years ago: no wonder i’m not the president of the united states today — never mind the whole not being born on the u.s. soil technicality.  

true leaders, doers, go-getters — generally your ballers — think and do big things.  instead of thinking small about someone to carry a loosie for him, president trump has staff carry a sharpie for him so he can annotate his thoughts in gigantic letters on a pad that he took off air force one.  you smoke a loosie, get a head rush for 15 seconds, and you’re right back to where you started.  you carry a sharpie and you can walk around writing on shit. you can vandalize things, but you can also write extremely powerful, and easy to forget, words like ” I WANT NOTHING” , or “QUID PRO QUO”.  

back in the day we had a small sized magic marker that we’d write K on random shit with.  people would get extremely upset about these acts of note taking and marking things we wished to recall later.  we always took no for an answer and apologized for the K, and albeit it could not be removed due to its permanent nature, we always promised to never do that again.  we were growing up to be failures, even though we didn’t realize it then. 

true leaders never take a no for an answer, never apologize and most importantly — carry the largest sharpie you can find to write your shit with.