the fish bowl

This will be a place where Krib members and their friends, or any really really right-wing political officials can leave messages about anything you wanna discuss*. Got a problem or anything smart to say? Well go somewhere else you sap! But if you want to talk about stupid shit, like the best way to take over the world, well then your in the right place, pull up seat, pass to your right, and say soemthing cool in the Fishbowl. Oh yeah, no porn either…is this good shit or what?**

* back in the day this message board included many lewd, racist and homophobic comments from our “associate circle”. its a historical record of what a few, out of context, days our our life at that time frame were. you can find some of it on the way-back machine, i don’t think i even have back-ups of it, sitting here today – 22-Nov-2019 — i didn’t even remember that it existed. my idea is not to moderate this, just like it was unmoderated back in 2002.

**original text written by S. Grumberg, circa 2001; fishbowl graphic also, masterfully, created by Mr. Grumberg for the sole use of κριβ.

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